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something new

New in the shop, soon to be added to the online shop later this week. Aren’t these the cutest pencils?

Also got in this hand-cut and hand-bound bacon recipe book with lettepressed recipe cards. Only 13 were printed! Each book is so special.

rue magazine

I haven’t really been that interested in any of the many (many, many) new online magazines that have sprung up in the past year. Maybe it’s because they all seemed to launch simultaneously, but they all kind of looked the same to me. But I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw in the {fourth issue of Rue Magazine}. I found myself bookmarking a lot of the home decor products and interviews, and I fell particularly hard for this photo from page 136 of the issue:

There’s nothing obvious about this photo, but it’s all in the details. The gorgeous oven and adorable napping puppy aside, what caught my eye were the piles of porcelain stacked somewhat haphazardly above the stove. It’s not styled to look perfect, and that’s why I love it so much — it looks like a snapshot of real life, totally relatable, but still aspirational. Well done, Rue Mag. Count me a fan.



Kudos to {<a href="">Hello!Lucky</a>} (my former employer) and {<a href="">GAMA-GO</a>} for producing this awesome print to raise money for Japan.</p>

<p style="text-align: center;">

<img alt="" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1426" src="/public/images/j1.jpg" style="width: 500px; height: 500px; " title="j1" /></p>


All of the proceeds are going to help relief efforts! Pure awesomeness. More {<a href="">here</a>} and {<a href="">here</a>}. &nbsp;</p>

happy spring!

It’s a gorgeous first day of Spring in San Francisco today, which I’m happily spending recuperating from my best friend’s wedding this weekend. Rain is expected to come tomorrow and stay the rest of the week, so I’m eyeing these customizable and easy soup recipes posted by {Mark Bittman today in the NYT}, which I found via {Simplesong}. One of these is bound to hit the spot on any given day this week.

hump day

It’s hump day! By which I mean that I’m busting my hump to get some more products up online. Soon, I promise. In the meantime, check out this great {Q&A with Erin McKenna of BabyCakes} over at The Awl. It’s really inspiring, especially for someone who’s recently ventured into entrepreneurship (me).

I’ve been working for myself for a whopping 4 months now (are you impressed? didn’t think so) so while I’m in no place to tell everyone they should quit their jobs and work for themselves doing whatever they want to do, that’s exactly what I want to tell you! It’s hard as hell, especially in the down times, but man…when things are good, it’s the best feeling in the world. Enjoy the interview, and I’ll check back in tomorrow with a web store update!

that was a doozy

What a weekend. I don’t even know where to start. To everyone who is affected by the devastation in Japan, my heart is broken for you. My friends and family there – along with those of my closest circle – are thankfully safe and sound, but those who weren’t as lucky are not far from my thoughts. I hope the world can rally to help stop this avalanche of disaster and tragedy striking Japan. In light of the earthquake and tsunami aftermath, it feels odd to be “business as usual” here at Pot + Pantry. Back in my small bubble, things were quite busy and fun this weekend, due mostly to the Groupon deal going on. It was exciting for me to meet so many new visitors and customers, who seemed equally as excited to be discovering my little shop. Thanks to all who purchased coupons, and thank you even more for visiting! The surge in new customers, naturally, meant that some of my inventory is depleted — apologies to customers for the inconvenience. Tomorrow, not only will I be back in stock on pepper mills, cutting boards and etcetera, I will also have a few more vintage cookware pieces on hand.

A mishmosh of Colorcast and Dansk

I’ll try to get better photos of these items up in the online shop for those who’d like to see exactly what I have before making the trip to the store. That’ll probably happen by Thursday (fingers crossed).

Lastly, this Friday, March 18, the store will be closed because I will be attending my childhood friend’s wedding festivities! I’ll try to post a daily reminder leading up to it, as well as note it on the “about” section, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp…and everywhere.

happy laskiaissunnuntai!

An online customer in Finland (yes, Finland!) mentioned that Sunday was Laskiaissunnuntai, which is a day that “everybody goes out and take sleds and have fun (there is approx. 50 cm snow everywhere). Afterwords everybody eat homemade buns with whipped cream and jam.” Naturally, I immediately looked into moving to Finland. After some quick googling, I learned that Laskiaissunnuntai is the Finnish equivalent of Shrove Sunday, the traditional celebration of which includes sledding (cute!). And the homemade buns? They’re called {semla}, and they look amazing.

{photo from IKEA, of course}

I told her even though I don’t celebrate Laskiaissunnuntai, I would glady make (and eat) homemade buns with whipped cream and jam anyway. In solidarity, you know. I haven’t yet landed on a recipe I want to try, but I did come across a nice writeup on {Serious Eats} that provides more insight to the history of semla and what it is.

I’m so cheesy, but I love learning things like this. And now, Finland is on my long list of countries I’d like to visit…

creating monsters

After having a brand new sewing machine sitting in my closet for over 2 years, untouched, I finally took my first sewing class at {Workshop SF} last night and learned how to use the thing. It was a blast. I came out of the class with 2 projects under my belt: a beer koozie (or, in my case, a sparkling water koozie) and a sock monster!

I’m so proud of myself. In other news, did you know there was a shout out to Pot + Pantry in the March issue of 7×7 Magazine? I didn’t, until my lovely friend {Anna} mentioned it to me.

Thanks for the love, 7×7! You are now my favorite magazine.