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New in the shop

Finally, I have these!

I know, I know, I know…my bad for not stocking these sooner after {this writeup on Drywell} came out a few weeks ago in the Chron that made it sound like I carried it. Well, I do now!

I also carry these other prints by Drywell, which I’ve had in the shop since day one:

{All photos above from Drywell Art}

Cow and pig butchery cut paper prints. Look how cute they look together in the shop:

Come and get ’em!

the year in food

Sometimes I toy with the idea of incorporating some kind of food blogging into this Pot + Pantry blog (as can be seen here + here), which then makes me realize how much harder food blogging is than it seems. It’s, like, really hard. And just when I was thinking that, hey, maybe I’m not that bad at taking food photos and writing about them, along comes this gem in my inbox to shut me right up:

It’s a blog called {The Year in Food}, written by a lovely Pot + Pantry customer named Kimberley. Above is her photo of her {Radicchio, Cara Cara Orange and Quinoa Salad} – with a pair of oil + vinegar cruets she bought from my shop in the background! I’m kind of upset with myself that I didn’t know about this blog sooner.¬†Kimberley’s posts are full of delicious-looking recipes and eye candy which are not only beautiful, but useful as well. Take, for instance, her {monthly seasonal food guide} below. Personally, this kind of thing helps me tremendously, because although I have a list of seasonal produce items stuck on my fridge, it really helps me to refer to a visual image like this before I head to the grocery store. Plus, it’s really cute that she included chocolate as a seasonal food item for February. :)

Her archives go back to 2009, so it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do… Thanks for sharing your blog with me, Kimberley!

INNA jam Annual Subscriptions

We had such a good run of awesome weather the last week or so that I was asking no one in particular, “Where is my San Francisco, and what have you done with her?” because it was weird, just weird. Not to say that I didn’t love it (I did), but it’s so out of character for this normally grey-skied city. Well, the gloomy SF weather that I know and love is back, complete with hail! (And, yes, my naive Southern California-born-and-raised self did initially confuse the hail for snow. Really, really hard snow. I learn something new every day.) Which means once again pulling out the heavy parka I was readying to pack away deep in my closet. Poor me. It’s not as bad as the East Coast blizzards, but hey, everything’s relative. The point I’m trying to make with all my jabbering about the weather is that the one thing making up for this dreary wetness is INNA jam’s newest flavor, Ruby Red Grapefruit.

INNA jam’s photo

It’s beautiful. Tart, bright, not overly sweet (which is what I hate about most citrus jams), it actually makes me kinda glad it’s still winter since the glorious Ruby Red would otherwise not be in season. And it’s available now at Pot + Pantry, b-t-dubs! Come visit me at the store and buy some.

Did you know INNA jam also offers {annual subscriptions}? It’s a pretty sweet deal (pun totally intended!), especially if you like to gift jams to your friends in addition to eating jam straight out of the jar, as I do. And here’s the bonus – if you order a subscription, you can pick up your order for free in SF at Pot + Pantry. Free! So, jam on it, folks (another pun!)! Thank you, thank you very much.

another satisfied customer

OK, fine, so perhaps she’s not just a customer but also my friend. Anyhoo, look what she made with my {porcelain tart pan}!

She made a simple fruit tart recipe, substituting the regular ol’ pie crust with a shortbread tart crust (brilliant!). Then she made a cream cheese filling, placed sliced fruit on top and glazed everything to give it sweet, sweet shine. I’m told it tasted even better than it looks. Thanks for sending me the pics, Christina! Next time, save me a slice!!

it’s coming

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Ready yourselves! For those who choose to woo with chocolate, Pot + Pantry now carries Hooker’s Sweet Treats (it’s not what you think): sea salted, dark chocolate-covered caramels made locally in the Tenderloin. They are fantastically luscious with the perfect texture — enough chewiness to leave no doubt that you’re eating a handmade caramel, but not so sticky as to wrap themselves around every nook and cranny in your teeth. They are my favorite, and I’m pretty sure they will get you lucky. Just sayin.

(Plus, come on, how much fun can you have presenting this to someone? “I got you some Hooker’s for Valentine’s Day” would be just the tip of the iceberg…) And if caramels aren’t your thing (even though they’re everyone’s thing), the sweet ladies behind Sweet Constructions have a special {Valentine’s Cookie Assortment} available in addition to their regular offerings (Mini Cupcake Boxes and Mocha Ganache Brownie Bites, to name a few). Better yet, you can pick up your Valentine’s orders at Pot + Pantry! ¬†Orders must be placed by Thursday, February 10, for this option.

I want that. Don’t you?

Get some! And then “get some.” (I thought I was so clever when I said this the first time on {Twitter}, so I thought I’d say it again here).

happy lunar new year!

I made a traditional Korean new year’s meal last night called {ddukguk}, which is a soup with chewy rice cakes, egg, seaweed, and green onion. (Also spelled tteokguk, I guess, although that spelling is so much more complicated than it needs to be…)

It’s eaten for good luck because the rice cakes are really sticky, and that has something to do with luck…or something. I forget the reason now. But for the texture of the rice cakes, think along the lines of mochi but twice as dense and chewy, half as sweet. It’s my fave. Actually, I lied, my favorite part of this soup is actually the egg “chiffonade”…you whip up a few eggs and pour a thin layer onto a frying pan, like a pancake, then roll it up and slice thinly. Ta-da, egg ribbons! Delicious egg ribbons.

I more or less used a recipe like {this one from Maangchi}, except I left out the beef brisket. Instead, I made the broth with equal parts water and beef broth, and then ground up some dried anchovies and let that simmer in the broth to add some depth. Mmm…umami.

After simmering, I strained out the fish particles so the soup wouldn’t be gritty. A small tragedy happened though, which is that – in my rush to cook, photograph everything, and eat before my stomach ate itself – I forgot to serve this with kimchi. I’ll repeat that for effect – I FORGOT TO SERVE THIS WITH KIMCHI. So shameful. So I’m going to do a do-over and make ddukguk again this weekend. And you can bet I’m going to eat it with kimchi as it was meant to be eaten! Happy lunar new year, everyone!