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how i spent my christmas vacation

I’m finally getting around to posting some photos of my lovely Christmas weekend in LA. It was sunny and gorgeous, and warm to the point of almost making me wish I’d packed a tshirt instead of all sweaters. The weekend started in SF with a visit from Santa Claus this jolly elf. Her name is Diva.

Then we hitched a ride on the world’s smallest reindeer…

…drove to LA, cooed over how nicely my mom’s garden is coming along…some garlic and green onions, amongst other things…

…and then drove to my aunt’s house, where we ate plate after plate of this:

A million kinds of kimchi, cellophane noodles (japchae), fish, some kind of root veggie thing…

Ribs slathered with my aunt’s “secret recipe” of bbq sauce + gochujang…

And homemade smores cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate macarons and pumpkin mochi.

I’m still digesting it all.

I plan to start eating salads and soups to make up for the gluttonous weekend, I really do.  But first, I have a little something I need to finish eating.

Oh yes he did!

a little happy dance

I blinked and suddenly we’re three days away from Christmas.  Is this for real?  January seems so very long ago, but at the same time the year seems to be ending so quickly.  It’s freaking me out!  Then again, I freak out every December, so… You will probably notice a new look to this here website.  Ta-dah!  Not the end of the road in terms of the P+P website, but finally something to look at other than a “coming soon” placeholder. Small victories, yea! And what would a P+P blog post be without some kind of tooting of my own horn? I know, gag, right? But it’s Mission Local! And it’s such a thoughtful write-up. It really describes Pot + Pantry perfectly. I look like a dweeb in the photo (gah, I hate photos!), but you can read the article here.

Thanks, Hadley!

food: the perfect gift

Nope, this isn’t another one of my fantastic, mind-blowingly original gift guides guide. It’s a post to announce my pledge to raise 100 pounds of food (and $50 in cash) for the SF Food Bank this month! From now until December 24, bring in one can of food and receive 10% off your purchase. Better yet, this Saturday only, December 11, bring in 3 cans of food and get up to 20% off your purchase! Here’s how it works:

  • 1st Can = 10% off
  • 2nd Can = additional 5% off {15% total discount}
  • 3rd Can = additional 5% off {20% total discount}
  • 4th Can = a hug from me

To make it sweeter, there will be snacks and warm beverages to munch while you shop, and an opportunity for Saturday food donors to win a special prize! Various food carts will also make appearances in support of the event. Of course, everyone’s encouraged to donate as many cans as possible. Use the list below for a guideline of preferred food items (click to enlarge).

In addition to food donations, Pot + Pantry has also committed to raising $50 in cash for the food drive. For every $1 donated, the SF Food Bank can distribute $6 worth of food! So please go to the Pot + Pantry team page to donate if you can. The SF Food Bank works tirelessly to feed those in need year-round, but they need an extra boost during the holidays. Read more about hunger in San Francisco on their site here. Thanks for reading this extra-special post, and hope to see you Saturday!

the gift guide that never was

I was planning to post more gift guides (i.e. gifts for the Mexican food lover, the baker, the sweet tooth, etc), but this week I’ve kind of gotten swept up in, you know, work. So instead, I shall point you in the direction of this lovely gift guide on Poppytalk. It’s got all sorts of goodies I would have recommended myself, but didn’t. Like this:

And these:

See what I mean?

{Times like this I wish there were a word that accurately captured the sound of cat-calling. Maybe one of those onomatopoeic things. Because I’m cat-calling the heck out of those teapots.}

But although I haven’t had time to make a gift guide for the various food lovers in your lives, I did make time to create a gift guide for my husband. About what to get me. 😀 There is but one item in that guide, and one item only:

The Tell Tale Society bag. Fingers crossed!

everybody’s doing it

Seems like everyone is putting out a gift guide this year, so I figured why not join in on the fun? For my first gift guide (ever!), I’ve gone with an Asian-y thing, for your favorite Asian food-loving friend, or just your Asian friend, period.

1. Artisan-Made Kishibori Shoyu ($14), found via Heidi at 101 Cookbooks, because fine Asian cuisine deserves better than Kikkoman. 2. Organic Mermaid Print Napkins ($24 for 2) by Katherine J Lee (a Pot + Pantry vendor, yea!), perfect for dabbing the corners of your mouth after eating Kishibori Shoyu-dipped sashimi. 3. Mother in Law’s Napa Cabbage Kimchi ($20 for 2 jars) because anyone who likes kimchi is a friend of mine. 4. ChabaTree Chopstick Set with Cat-shaped Rests ($26 at Pot + Pantry, in-store only) because they are just so dang cute!